The video games crash is destroying an industry!

It's the early 1980's.

There are too many consoles. Too many games. Not enough players.

Decisions have been made that are destroying an industry in its infancy.

Can you survive the crash?

Can you choose the right games to release and the right time to release them?

Can you build a company that will survive and thrive?

In Press Fire To Start, 2-4 players compete to build the greatest company reputation in a time of turmoil for the video games industry. Consoles are dying. Computers are thriving. You are a video games publisher and each decision you make about which games to release by which designers and when will change the way your company is perceived.

Press Fire To Start is a card game where each card represents a game in one of five Genres by development teams from one of eight countries. On your turn you'll take two games which will be added to your hand of four. From your hand you'll choose one game for release, and one game to reject. Choose wisely. The game you reject will be available for your competitors.

Will you be an all-rounder, releasing games across all genres? Or will you specialise. The risks are high if you specialise. You may saturate the market. But get it right and your reputation will grow.

Press Fire To Start requires planning and an awareness of your competitor's releases. Do you have the vision to guide your company to success? Play Press Fire To Start and find out.

Press Fire To Start is in early development. It has already appeared at some UK board game expos for playtesting. It plays well, and has been well received, but still needs development to bring it to the standard I want it to reach.

If you see me at an expo, ask to play Press Fire To Start. Your comments make a difference.

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