The world needs more robots!

Not teeny-weeny, do-good, help-humans, save-the-planet type robots.


It needs MegaBots. Giant robots with a mean disposition, disrespects grandmas, kicks ass, and chews bubblegum*.

And who does the world get to build these MegaBots?

You, of course!

Or your colleagues. Or whoever can get the job done first, really.

The world is not fussy.

*Poetic licence. MegaBots don't chew bubblegum. It plays havoc with their internal circuits. But they do disrespect grandmas.

In Nuts And Bots, 2-4 players compete to be first to build their MegaBot. The game takes place on a factory floor with limited numbers of Workstations (Tiles) of five different types. Players move the Workstations around the factory to match a Blueprint, which shows the pattern of Workstations needed to produce the next part of their MegaBot.

Matching the pattern of Workstations creates the Assembly Line, but at least one of the player's WorkBots (Meeples) needs to be placed on each Workstation to bring it to life. Only when all Workstations within the Assembly Line contain at least one WorkBot will it become fully functional and the next part of the MegaBot be produced.

The MegaBot is constructed when all five parts are built, starting with the Torso, Legs, and two Arms in any order, and ending with the Head. Only when the Head is built is the MegaBot complete.

Nuts And Bots is a puzzle game at heart requiring pattern matching and area control on a board that could change if you don't protect the Workstations you've placed. Will you be the one that plans the sequence of moves for victory? Find out with Nuts And Bots.

Nuts And Bots is a game in development. It has been playtested at many board game expos over recent years. The rules are stable and players enjoy the mental challenge required to win.

If you see me at an expo, ask me for a game.

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