Past Expos


13th - 15th March 2020

For this year's AireCon I took Press Fire To Start for playtesting.

Press Fire To Start was originally a card game that I playtested at a couple of shows in 2019,
but the card game never quite reached the vision I had for it.

For 2020, I've changed it into a board game, and AireCon was it's first show for some public playtesting.

It's not yet where I want it to be, but I got some fantastic feedback that will help me move the design forwards.

Heartfelt thanks to my playtesters who helped me compile pages of useful notes and ideas.

Serial playtester, Andrew (thank you so much again),
Richard, for all the comments,
Martin, for helping me analyse the whole game,
Charlotte, of Ministry Of Meeples, and co-designer of Theurgy,
Scott and David, for awesome advice and for helping me clarify my thinking in a number of areas,
and Robert, for his designer's perspective.

Click the button below for an AireCon walkthrough video by Jason Frowde of Gaming Knights.
(With a quick appearance by me at about 13m 30s)

Dragonmeet, London,

30th November 2019

For my 2nd year at Dragonmeet I took X~Arrr! for some final playtesting. It was great to say hello to so many of the players that I met last year and 
thanks to everyone who played X~Arrr!

Richard, Martin, and Mat.
Rory and Sam.
Barney, Charlotte, and Jeff.
Kasha and Mika.
Leo and Doruk.
Ana, Scott, and Milos.
Sinziana and Alin.

Glasgow Games Festival

16th November 2019

Thanks to all of my playtesters who game X~Arrr! a try.
Cameron and Fraser,
Jennifer and Oscar,
Ana and Russell,
Miles and Elsa,
Mark, Penelope,Bhurut, and Anna,
Alex, and Fraser and Euan,
and John.

Tabletop Scotland

24th - 25th August 2019

Thank you to all players that took part in 17 games of X~Arrr! over the weekend at Tabletop Scotland.

You've helped me verify that the rules are stable and the game is fun!

Some players even came back for more.

Alan and Chris,
David and Nathan,
Scott and Craig,
JD and Jamie,
John and Matthew,
Paul and Simon,
Gemma and Gordon,
Stephen and Leona,
Jennifer, Isla Jay, and Corvette,
Gavin, Dawn, Elsie, and Archie,
Brian of Decking Awesome Games,
Steven of Tommy Rabbit Games,
and Wesley.

The button below will take you to my Facebook post with the player photos I remembered to take!

Glasgow Games Gathering

29th June 2019

The new G3 Show was smoothly run with a hall full of Exhibitors and Demos, so congratulations to all the organisers for putting on a show that was a great success.

Hopefully, this was just the first year in what will become an annual event.

There was a steady flow of people in the hall throughout the day and this lead to a steady number of gamers willing to sit down and test my board game prototype, X~Arrr!.

So a big thank you to the seven gamers that sat down with me to help me assess my latest rules changes:
Greg and Dragon of Penance RPG,
Catriona and Mark,
Kevin and Graham,
and Andrew.

Andrew's game in particular turned into an intense head to head battle that put the new rules fully through their paces.

Click the button below for some more details and photos from the day on my Facebook page.

UK Games Expo 2019

31st May - 2nd June

UK Games Expo is always worth a visit whether as a visitor as an exhibitor.

This year I was there as an exhibitor with a stand in Hall 1.

I took all three of my games with me, but X~Arrr! is the game that's currently my main focus and that's the game I ended up playtesting for the whole three days.

I posted a short write-up of each day on Facebook, together with any photos that I remembered to take (not as many as I would have liked - when I'm playtesting I tend to focus on that and forget to take photos).

The buttons below will take you to those posts.

I also attended the UKGE Press Preview on the Thursday evening.

This was my first time at the Press Preview so I was unsure what to expect, but many stopped to chat, including:

Justin of OnTabletop video website
Jon and Rory of Polyhedron Collider podcast
Paul of To Win Just Once magazine
Ed Fortune of Starburst magazine
Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower
Ben, Josh, and Tom of The Unlucky Frog podcast
Iain and Jamie of Brainwaves podcast
Jason of Gaming Knights YouTube channel

X~Arrr! has since been featured in a video interview with Justin of OnTabletop, talked about on the Polyhedron Collider UKGE roundup podcast (at 1hr 45min), and written about on page 13 of Paul's To Win Just Once magazine.

Thank you to all of my UK Games Expo 2019 X~Arrr! playtesters:

Matt; David; Marty (who is remaking the classic 8-bit video game game, Football Fortunes); Duncan (of Tabletop Scotland); Oliver and Charlotte; Fiona and Paul; Hendrix; Nick; Emma and Adam; Simon; Justin; Annabel, Emily, and Phil; Mikey and Mim; Hannah and Liam; Robert; and John and Rachel (of TryWinGames, who were playtesting their own prototype, Can't Go, throughout the Expo).