Hi!   I'm Keith.

Games have always been my passion as a player, a programmer, and a level design scripter.

Now I design board games and card games to self-publish as Cardboard And Coffee Games.

I'm on a journey from prototype to publication. Come along for the ride!

My Games

X Arrr!

"Tear up the map. I can find our treasure blindfolded!"

Yo ho ho and a barrel of rum. But maybe too much yo ho ho and definitely too much rum.

Now all you've got are fragments of a treasure map and an island full of buried treasure.

Who needs a whole treasure map anyway? Finding the treasure should be as easy as walking the plank.

And as for the other pirate crews and the bands of marauders out for treasure and trouble - no problem!

Can you be the first pirate crew to navigate the island, collect your treasure, and sail into the sunset?

X Arrr! is a game in development. Find out more here.

Key Concepts: Route Building, Path Following, Spatial Thinking, Drunken Marauders, Buried Treasure.

Press Fire To Start

At the start of the 1980's the video game industry was booming. By 1985 it was as good as dead.

Bad decisions, corporate greed, and a market flooded with substandard games brought the industry to it's knees and on the brink of collapse.

In Press Fire To Start, you are a video game publisher in the early 1980's.

Can you build a Company to make it through these turbulent times?

Can you build a Company that will survive and thrive?

Press Fire To Start is a board game still undergoing design and playtesting. Find out more here.

Key Concepts: Video Game Releases, Charts, Company Improvements, The Video Game Crash of 1985.

Nuts And Bots

MegaBots don't build themselves! That's where you come in.

Build body parts from blueprints by competing for control of the shared workstations to build an assembly line.

Place your limited supply of Worker Bots on the workstations and they will hum into body part building action.

Win the game by being first to join all of the body parts together into one giant MegaBot that won't in any way be dangerous and certainly won't be intent on taking over the planet and destroying humankind.

And what if you need more then your limited supply of Worker Bots? Well, they DO build themselves.

Robots in control of building robots - what can possibly go wrong?

Nuts And Bots is a board game in development. Find out more here.

Key Concepts: Tile Manipulation, Area Control, Pattern Matching, Cute And Cuddly Power-Hungry MegaBots.


I take my games for demoing and playtesting at many UK Conventions throughout the year.

Check the Expos page for more details.

Upcoming Expos

Most UK Expos have announced cancellation due to the current COVID-19 UK lockdown.

Future Expos

UK Games Expo 2021: 4th - 6th June 2021
Tabletop Scotland 2021: 20th - 22nd August 2021