Hi!   I'm Keith.

Games have always been my passion as a player, a programmer, and a level design scripter.

Now I design board games and card games to self-publish as Cardboard And Coffee Games.

I'm on a journey from prototype to publication. Come along for the ride!

My Games

X Arrr!

Press Fire To Start

Nuts And Bots


I take my games for demoing and playtesting at many UK Conventions throughout the year.

Check the Expos page for more details.

Upcoming Expos

Conpulsion - Edinburgh
(CANCELLED) 4th April 2020

Future Expos

G3 Show - Glasgow
27th June 2020

UK Games Expo - Birmingham
(POSTPONED) 29th May - 31st May 2020
NEW DATES: 21st August - 23rd August 2020

Tabletop Scotland - Perth
(POSTPONED) 22nd August - 23rd August 2020
NEW DATES: 10th October - 11th October 2020